Here are the aspects of Hurricane that make it unique in no particular order.

  • Having two Automatics Side by Side ensure customers don’t spend a lot of time waiting to be washed.
  • The Automatic Machines themselves are unique because each machine give the customer the option of a “touch free” wash, or a traditional friction or brush wash.
  • Unlike most automatics, our machines also have high pressure oscillating wheel scrubbers, that do a great job cleaning wheels and removing unwanted brake dust.
  • As an option for any wash package, customers can also have the equipment apply tire shine as they exit and dry the vehicle.
  • The combination of all of these things along with 24/7 operation make Hurricane one of the most efficient and logical car wash options in Tucson.
  • 25 cent Vacuums, and 50 cent Carpet Shampooer and Liquid Fragrance Machine
  • The property also will offer a vending machine with towels to do some spot drying and detailing products of various kinds as well.
  • A FREE digital, state of the art tire and air machine is also available to anyone.
  •  The property like all Dynamite Concept Products, is designed with details and care unmatched.